OEM Printers

Reliable. Durable. Efficient. The fundamentals of successful enterprise.
  • Gaming iDP-3551

    Gaming iDP-3551

    Increased speed printer with semi-autoload paper

  • Gaming TG-02

    Gaming TG-02

    Ultra compact face mounted ticket dispenser

  • Gaming/Kiosk TG-558

    Gaming/Kiosk TG-558

    Quality graphic panel mount with holding-bracket

  • Kiosk TG-2460

    Kiosk TG-2460

    High speed public interface

  • Kiosk KPM-216H

    Kiosk KPM-216H

    Print deterioration prevention with remote inspection ability

  • Kiosk TG-2480

    Kiosk TG-2480

    Quality graphic ticket dispenser with holding bracket

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