Andrew Graham
President and Co-Founder

As President of Infinite Peripherals, Inc., Andrew Graham is responsible for product

development and distribution, sales, marketing, operations, day-to-day management

and customer service. Since founding the company in 1993 as a source of receipt

printers for the point-of-sale (POS) market, Graham has helped drive revenue of this

privately held company every year.


After working as a salesperson of business forms at Moore, Lake Forest, Ill., Graham

seized upon an opportunity to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit and enter an expanding

market as a distributor of receipt printers. He built relationships with Citizen, Fujtisu and

Custom, and sold a variety of printers, including dot matrix/impact, inkjet, thermal and

thermal portable, along with printer mechanisms, modules and components.


While handheld and wireless technology grew, Graham and his colleagues began

scaling down existing peripheral devices, such as receipt printers and barcode

scanners, to fit a mobile profile. With this evolution, he and his team created the

industry-leading Linea Pro and Infinea Tab, which add magnetic stripe readers and

barcode scanners to Apple®’s iPod® touch, iPhone® and iPad® devices.


After living throughout the United States and overseas for his first 18 years as the son of

a U.S. Army officer, Graham earned his B.S. in Business Administration from California

University at Long Beach.


Jeff Scott
Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer at Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC), Jeff Scott

has directed sales, driven new business, developed a thriving mobile sales division

and overseen the expansion of all business units. Under his leadership, the privately

held company’s revenue has grown every year, and staff has increased by more than



In 2002, Scott opened a technical and sales center in Irvine, Calif., where, as handheld

and wireless technology was quickly growing, he and his team anticipated future needs

by customizing existing peripheral devices for a mobile profile. With a vision of the

future, Scott and the IPC team pioneered a new product category with the industry-

leading Linea Pro and Infinea Tab, which enterprise functionality to Apple®’s iPod®

touch, iPhone® and iPad® devices.


Due to the ongoing demand for IPC products, Scott oversaw the move to a 14,000-

square-foot facility in 2012. Guiding this rapidly changing business with an emphasis on

customers’ needs, Scott knows “you must be a speedboat to keep up,” and emphasizes

customization because “one size does not fit all.”


Scott began his career as Distribution Manger in the business machines division at

Citizen Watch in Santa Monica, Calif. A native of South Gate, Calif., he earned his B.S. in

Business Administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurial expertise from University

of Southern California in Los Angeles.